Turn-Key Laser System / OEM Solutions

High Power IR High Speed Modulation Systems. (24 Watts Peak and 5Mhz Modulation)

8800 High Power High Frequency Laser System Datasheet (PDF)

The 8800-HF is a versatile high frequency (5Mhz) high power bench top laser system.
The system has the capability to deliver up to 24 Watts peak at high frequency 8xx pulsed output power.
It is equipped with an easy to use touch screen for full intuitive control over all the laser system parameters.
Standard features include a USB interface for ease of integration and remote control. The system has built
in electrical and thermal safety features to protect the system and users. With the comprehensive built in list
of remote commands the user can create customized control software and query for system feedback.
Options include: Diverse Laser Diode Power and Wavelengths selection, Remote foot pedal and TTL control,
Internal modulation, Power Feedback, APC Power Control, Pilot Beam, OEM model, Customized touch screen
controls and/or menus.


System Electrical /Mechanical Parameters:
Operating Voltage 100 - 240 Vac
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Size 17 x 13 x 6.5 inches
Weight 30 lbs
Operating Temperature Range 10 - 30 C

Optical Parameter:
Optical Power (peak) 24 Watts
Wavelength 810 nm
Wavelength Tolerance +/-10 nm
Optical Connector SMA or FC
Fiber Core 550 um
Fiber NA 0.22

Laser Electrical Parameters:
Modulation Frequency (Sine Wave) upto 5.0 Mhz
Modulation Frequency (Square Wave) upto 2.0 Mhz
Laser Current 0-20 A
Temperature Adjust Range 20 - 30 C
Bias Current Range 0 - 6 A

Computer Interface Parameters:
RS-232 User Selectable Baud rate
USB Type 2 Driver provided
TTL Digital Control Signal

Safety Parameters:
The 8800 system has built in soft start and ESD protection for the laser module. The unit is equipped with
an emergency stop and interlocks circuits for laser safety compliance. The unit also has thermal
monitoring with built in safety shutdowns.